Humanitarian Health Action

Transforming health priorities into projects

Group work assignment

This training aims to improve the ability of WHO staff working in crises to transform health priorities into project proposals, market them, raise resources and manage them effectively.

The purpose of this training is to introduce WHO staff to the key aspects of project planning, development, and management and will equip them to mobilize resources for field-level projects. This is expected to lead towards improved health project management for WHO's work in crises and better relations with funding partners.

In terms of skills development, by the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Use with confidence the most common project development techniques and tools and write proposals that can withstand donor scrutiny. Also they will have an improved understanding of the CAP process and on how they can use this for resource mobilization efforts;
  • Interpret donor agreements with more ease and use a range of project management tools for monitoring project implementation and will have a knowledge on the systems in place for their financial management;
  • Collect reporting data more effectively throughout project implementation and use reporting templates to better meet project reporting requirements.