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Aid effectiveness

Effective aid, better health : Report prepared for the Accra High Level Forum on aid effectiveness, 2-4 September 2008

This report was prepared under the guidance and responsibility of the Task Team on Health as a Tracer Sector. It draws a range of new analyses and case studies carried out in preparation for the Accra High-Level Forum.

Scaling up for better health in Cambodia

This report analyses the feasibility of scaling up financing for health in Cambodia, looking at where new resources might come from, how they could be used, and what additional spending might achieve in terms of health improvements. It includes discussion of needed changes to how donors deliver health aid, as well as public sector reforms that impact on health.

Aid effectiveness and health

This paper discusses key challenges in the provision of more effective development assistance - “aid” - for health. It looks at the inherent complexities of the health sector, the associated aid effectiveness challenges, and recent efforts to address these issues. Finally, the paper assesses the relevance to health of the Paris Principles on Harmonization and Alignment and Country Ownership, and concludes that health would be a good “tracer sector” to monitor overall progress towards these Principles.

Building UNFPA/WHO capacity to work with national health and development planning processes in support of reproductive health

This report provides a summary of key findings of country case studies that were undertaken in Mongolia, Nicaragua, Senegal and Yemen during September–October 2005 as part of a UNFPA/WHO project. It also makes recommendations for further collaborative work between the two agencies.

A guide to WHO's role in sector-wide approaches to health development

This report promotes a common understanding of the role of WHO Country Offices in sector-wide approaches (SWAps) in health development, and emphasizes the importance of WHO’s engagement.

WHO harmonization and alignment: Key resources

Full text

A toolkit of key resources and documents on harmonization and alignment. It serves as a quick reference guide to WHO and its partners at country level.

The role of the UN system in a changing aid environment: Sector support and sector programmes

WHO, in its capacity as vice-chair of the UNDG working Group on OECD/DAC, Harmonization and Alignment, was asked to lead the process of identifying a common UNDG position on SWAps and suggest practical ways forward for UN agencies. The result is the attached paper.

The Millennium Development Goals

High level forum on the health millennium development goals
Selected papers 2003-2005

This publication brings together a selection of papers and background research undertaken throughout the life of the High Level Forum on the Health Millennium Development Goals.

Health and the millennium development goals

This report presents data on progress on the health goals and targets and looks beyond the numbers to analyse why improvements in health have been slow and to suggest what must be done to change this.

Poverty and health

Poverty reduction strategy papers: Their significance for health, second synthesis report

This report presents an analysis of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) from a health perspective. It is based on a desk review of 21 "full" or "final" PRSPs, and builds on previous work by the World Health Organization in this area.

PRSP implementation: A health sector perspective

WHO's submission to the latest World Bank/IMF review of PRSPs. It presents key issues that have emerged from preparing and implementing PRSPs in the health sector.

Human rights, health and poverty reduction strategies

A tool for policy-makers to design, implement and monitor the health component of poverty reduction strategy through a human rights-based approach.

Dying for change - Poor peoples experience of health and ill health

This document reports on the health aspects of voices of the poor, an extensive World Bank study of people’s perspectives and experiences of poverty. This report presents and summarizes the views and testimonies that relate to health.

"The biggest enemy of health in the developing world is poverty."

Kofi Annan


WHO and the Millennium Development Goals

WHO database on health in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers

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