Health Accounts

Health Accounts Production Tool (HAPT)

Guides health accounts teams through the entire production process, thereby reducing the need for technical assistance and increasing local capacity for health account production

Key Functions:

  • Step-by-step directions to help guide country teams through the HA estimation process
  • Platform to manage complex data sets, reducing issues with missing data
  • Survey creator and import function to streamline data collection and analysis
  • Built-in auditing feature to facilitate review and correction of double-counting of expenditures
  • Automation of the mapping of data
  • Interactive diagram to help analysts visualize the flow of funding through the health sector
  • Automatically-generated HA tables

Download tool and useful resources:


Hardware Requirements
RAM memory: 4GB or more HDD: 5GB Free space CPU: 2.7 GHz or higher

Software Requirements
OS: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8. Windows 8 requires internet connection on first installation.

Health account tools are not supported by Mac OS versions, nor have they been tested on Mac’s by running Windows emulations.

Installing on Windows 8
First installation on Win 8 requires to be connected to internet. This is because there is a windows feature used by HAPT application that comes as an optional feature in Windows 8, which means that this feature is not pre-installed with Windows 8. The only way to install this feature is to process it while installing HAPT. The Internet connection will be needed only when first installing HAPT, and only if that feature is not enabled before by other programs or users.

Total storage capacities
The size of on HAPT study will depend on the number of classifications used in the mapping (module 5) and on the complexity of the mapping. On average, studies seem to weight about 300mb for 30000 lines (rows) using 12 classifications. On one computer, several years of studies can be stored in HAPT.

Importing data
A maximum of 30,000 lines can be imported per file. Negative numbers and zeros are not imported. The files need to be filled in from cell A1.


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