Health financing for universal coverage

Alternative Financing Strategies for Universal Health Coverage

In World Scientific Handbook of Global Health Economics and Public Policy, Richard M Scheffler, ed.
Volume 1 – Economics of Health and Health Systems

Kutzin J, Yip W, Cashin C

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Number of pages: 43
Publication date: March 2016
Languages: English



This publication is part of the three-volume handbook, which covers major topics in global health economics and public policy, providing a systematic review of the field. The chapter on alternative financing strategies for UHC synthesizes both theory and practice into principles that can be used to guide country progress with their financing reforms. Conceptual underpinnings of both UHC and health financing policy are followed by a synthesis of lessons with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). Finally, various policy options are presented to address the key challenges facing LMICs.

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