Health financing for universal coverage

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Publication details

Number of pages: 51
Publication date: January-June 2005, Volume 6, Number 1, Brazzaville
Languages: English



  • From the Regional Director’s Desk, by Dr Luis Sambo
  • Health Economics: scope and application in the African Region, by Dr Joses Kirigia
  • Overview of the Strategic Health Economics Plan for the WHO African Region (2006-2015) , by Dr Paul-Samson Lusamba-Dikassa
  • Health development planning in the African Region: a status report, by Dr. Saidou Pathe Barry and Dr. Omer Ayayi Mensah
  • Healthcare Financing in the African Region, by Dr Rufaro Chatora
  • Macroeconomics and Health: the way forward in the Region, by Dr. Chris Mwikisa
  • Long-term Perspectives Approach in National Health Strategic Planning, by Dr. Anthony Mawaya
  • Poverty Reduction Strategies Papers: an overview of their health component, by Dr. Benjamin Nganda
  • Choosing Interventions that are Cost-Effective: an aid to policy, by Dr David Evans and Dr Tessa Tan-Torres Edejer
  • The status of National Health Accounts in the African Region, by Mr Takondwa Mwase
Country reports
  • Health financing reforms: the Nigerian experience, by Dr Amos Petu
  • Health financing reforms in Senegal, by Dr Farba Lamine Sall
  • Technical efficiency of health centres: Evidence from Sierra Leone, by Mr. Ade Renner and Dr Joses Kirigia
  • National health accounts development: the Namibian experience, by Mr. William Kapenambili, Mr. Thomas Mbeeli and Mr. Ben Tjivambi
  • Implementing the macroeconomics and health strategy: the Ghanaian experience, by Mr. Sellasie Amah d’Almeida