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African Health Economics Advisory Committee: final report of the first meeting

Final report of the first meeting, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, 23–25 November 2004


WHO Regional Office for Africa

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Number of pages: 33
Publication date: 2006
Languages: English
WHO reference number: AFR/AHEAC/06.01



The first meeting of the African Health Economics Advisory Committee (AHEAC) took place in order to urge African governments to come to terms with the emerging global consensus that there is a direct link between health and development. It was argued that good health and economic prosperity seemed to go together because healthy people could more easily earn an income, afford and seek medical care, acquire better nutrition and experience more freedom to lead healthier lives.

Dr Samba stated that the time is now ripe for African governments to examine how adequate financial allocations to the health sector could be ensured for adequate health care. In this regard, he underscored the necessity for ministers of health to work closely with ministers of economic development planning and finance to secure sustainable financing for the health sector.

The Regional Director explained that the purpose of the meeting was to facilitate the forming of a Committee to provide advice and guidance to the Regional Office on all aspects of health economics as requested. This will include how to strengthen the health economics capacities of Member States for generating and using evidence in decision-making.


1. Introduction

2. Objectives

3. Appointment of chairperson and vice-chairpersons

4 Adoption of terms of reference

5. Strategic plan for enhancing health economics capacity in the African Region

6. Closing ceremony and recommendations

Annex 1. List of participants

Annex 2. AHEAC terms of reference

Annex 3. Strategic Health Economics Plan for the WHO African Region 2006–2015

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