Health financing for universal coverage

Local factors influencing resource allocation to health under the decentralized planning process in Kerala, India

Journal of Health and Development 2007; 3 (1 & 2)


J. Varghese, D. Varatharajan and K.R. Thankappan

Publication details

Number of pages: 217-226
Publication date: 2007
Languages: English


Public sector decentralization has been a priority of many countries during the last two decades and has been accepted by the groups and regimes from opposite ends of the political spectrum. In health, decentralization is about improving responsiveness and incentive structure by transferring ownership, responsibility and accountability to States, districts, local communities or individuals.

This paper presents the results of a study on the resource-allocation decisions of 32 Grama (village) Panchayats (local self governments) in Kerala under the decentralized planning process initiated in 1996. More specifically, it analyses the link, if any, between the people’s participation in grama sabhas (village assemblies) and the size of resources allocated to health.