Health financing for universal coverage

The nursing community, macroeconomic and public finance policies: towards a better understanding

Discussion paper 2/2009

Christopher Lane, Adélio Fernandes Antunes, Mireille Kingma

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Number of pages: 54
Publication date: 2009
Languages: English
WHO reference number: HSS/HSF/DP.09.2



Health workers are an essential component of the health system, but many countries view financing of the health sector to be low priority and reduce investment in health workers and their training. Existing evidence suggests that financing for nurse training and employment will need to increase substantially and over a prolonged period of time. The nursing community and their representative organizations need to understand and influence macroeconomic and fiscal policy processes.

This discussion paper provides nursing representatives with insights of the reasons for investing in health, health systems and the health workforce. It seeks to support nursing community interactions with the various stakeholders who influence financial resource allocation in the public sector.