Health financing for universal coverage

Uganda Health Financing Review 2010

Ministry of Health, Republic of Uganda, World Health Organization

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Number of pages: 100
Publication date: July 2010
Languages: EN


In 2010, the Uganda Ministry of Health and World Health Organization carried out a health financing review to contribute to a deeper understanding of possible health financing options and to inform the planned health financing strategy process, including the further revision of the proposed National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

The review takes stock of the structure, the strengths and the weaknesses of the current health financing system in Uganda. The results lay a firm foundation and will be used in the development of the health sector financing strategy and financing mechanisms such as a National Health Insurance Scheme and other future health financing policies.

In this review, the emphasis is on a comprehensive (quantitative and qualitative) analysis covering all potential sources of financing, including the health financing systems at and below the district level, particularly community-based mechanisms. The key aspect of this review is an assessment of institutional mechanisms associated with each health financing source and related benefits to the targeted population. The review reveals that there is scope for improvement in every aspect of health financing – resource mobilization, resource/risk pooling and purchasing.