Health financing for universal coverage

Health systems policy, finance, and organization

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Editors: Editor-in-Chief: Guy Carrin / Co-Editors: Kent Buse, Kristian Heggenhougen, Stella R. Quah
Number of pages: 464
Publication date: 2009
Languages: English
ISBN: 978-0123750877



Part I: Health policy and public health
  • Health policy: Overview (C Paton)
  • Agenda setting in public health policy (J Shiffman)
  • Politics and public health policy reform (A Glassman and K Buse)
  • Evidence-based public health policy (V Lin)
  • Planning for public health policy (A T Green and T N Mirzoev)
  • Role of the State in public health (A Alvarez-Rosete)
  • Alma Ata and primary health care: an evolving story (J H Bryant and J B Richmond)
  • Health issues of the UN Millennium Development Goals (M Claeson and P Folger)
  • Health inequalities (P Braveman)
  • Resource allocation: Justice and resource allocation in public health (R Rhodes)
  • Human rights approach to public health policy (D Tarantola and S Gruskin)
  • Interest groups and civil society in public health policy (N Mays)
  • People's Health Movement (R Nayaran and C Schuftan)
  • Global health initiatives and public health policy (R Brugha)
  • Corruption and the consequences for public health (T Vian)
Part II: Health financing
  • Health care financing and the health system (C Normand and S Thomas)
  • Health care costs, structures and trends (T Tan-Torres Edejer, C Garg, P Hernandez, N Van de Maele and C Indikadahena)
  • Determinants of national health expenditure (A K Nandakumar and M E Farag)
  • Resource allocation: international perspectives on resource allocation (D K Martin and S R Benatar)
  • Cost-influenced treatment decisions and cost-effectiveness analysis (D B Evans)
  • Decision analytic modelling (P Muennig)
  • Equity in health finance (D De Graeve and K Xu)
  • Governance issues in health financing (M Lewis and P Musgrove)
  • Transition to universal coverage in developing countries (T Ensor)
  • Insurance Plans and Programs: an overview (S Gress and J Wasem)
  • Community health insurance in developing countries (B Criel, M-P Waelkens, W Soors, N Devadasan and C Atim)
  • The demand for health care (G Mwabu)
  • Long term care, organization and financing (M Knapp and A Somani)
  • Innovative financing of health promotion (V Tangcharoensathien, P Prakongsai, W Patcharanarumol, S Limwattananon and S Buasai)
Part III: Organization of health services
  • Health system organization models (F C J Stevens and J van der Zee)
  • Primary health care (D Sanders, N Schaay and S Mohamed)
  • Demand and supply of human resources for health (G Dussault and M Vujicic)
  • The role of the private sector in health care provision (A Harding and D Montagu)
  • Competition in health care (P H Song, J D Barlow, E E Seiber and A S McAlearney)
  • Public-Private mix in health systems (C R Keane and M C Weerasinghe)
  • Provider payment and incentives (R P Ellis and M M Miller)
  • Managed care (S K Glied and K Janus)
  • Economic models of hospital behaviour (X Liu and A Mills)
  • Essential drugs policy (H Haak)
  • Long term care in health services (J Brodsky and A M Clarfield)
  • Long term care for aging populations (E Stallard)
  • Patient empowerment in health care (J F P Bridges, S Loukanova and P Carrera)
  • Community health workers (S B Rifkin)
Part IV: Key features of health systems around the world
  • National health systems: an overview (N Goodwin)
  • Urban health systems: overview (D C Ompad, S Galea and D Vlahov)
  • Comparative health systems (H Wang)
  • The health care of indigenous peoples/nations (G Bodeker)