Health financing for universal coverage

Kampala declaration on fair and sustainable health financing

Report from the regional and evidence based workshop in Kampala 23-25 November 2005

MOH Uganda, WHO, WB, Dfid, Save the Children UK, UNICEF Southern Sudan, Belgian Embassy and Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) and Sida

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Number of pages: 75
Publication date: 2005
Languages: English


For the Africa region as a whole, the participants of the "Evidence Based Workshop on Fair and Sustainable Health Financing" in Kampala (November 2005) endorsed the "Kampala Declaration".

It states that health is a fundamental human right, which must be supported by fair and sustainable health financing systems. In line with WHA resolutions 58:31 and 58:33, it affirms that out of pocket spending should be minimized and prepayments expanded with a view to avoiding impoverishment of households and moving towards universal coverage.

See the link above for the Kampala Declaration and the associated framework paper for fair and sustainable health financing in Africa (Author: Dick Jonsson, WHO Uganda).

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