Health financing for universal coverage

Report: Lesotho feasibility assessment for a social health insurance

Report of the technical support mission for the Feasibility assessment and financial projection results for a Social Health Insurance Scheme in Lesotho: Exploring Possible Options

Inke Mathauer, Ole Doetinchem, Joses Kirigia, Guy Carrin

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Lesotho requested the World Health Organization to undertake a financial feasibility study of social health insurance as an option of financing health care in Lesotho. There is not one optimal way to social protection for health and therefore WHO aims to assist in narrowing down the possible options that are adequate and technically feasible in order to facilitate policy decision making by the Lesotho government. The report below is one outcome of this technical support. It includes the results from stakeholder consultations and from financial projections made using the SimIns tool.