Health financing for universal coverage

A macroeconomic view of cost containment: simulation experiments for Thailand

Thammasat Economic Journal, Vol 24 (2)


Chamchan C, Carrin G

Publication details

Number of pages: 73-104
Publication date: June 2006
Languages: EN


Using a simulation model and the consolidated account approach to analyse Thailand’s health financing system, this paper probes forecasted changes in health expenditure, and financing feasibility under a number of alternative scenarios. As demand for better quality of health services grows, health expenditure is likely to increase in Thailand. To balance any deficits, the article considers three key variables: government subsidies, co-payments from the 30 Baht Scheme and contribution rates of the Social Security Scheme. It also takes into account possible limitations and constraints of these financing sources. (adapted from abstract)

For further information on SimIns, the simulation model used, please click on the following link: