Health financing policy

Health systems financing review

Rationale for OASIS

A health financing system review is an important process to assess a country's current health financing situation and the way it functions and performs. This not only includes the assessment of resource mobilization, but also comprises of the system's pooling and purchasing functions as well as questions of efficiency and equity.

The Department of Health Systems Financing has developed an analytical approach and framework that can help guide such a systematic health financing system review including a health financing performance assessment. Such a detailed understanding provides the basis to explore and propose adequate health financing options and changes within the health financing system to enhance health financing performance and ultimately to move (more rapidly) towards universal coverage or maintain it in the longer run.

This approach is complementary to the World Health Report 2010 "Health systems financing: A path to universal coverage" by providing practical guidance of how to identify appropriate country strategies for universal coverage. It is applicable to both low- and middle income countries as well as high-income countries, although the focuses chosen will be different. A such, the results of a health financing system review can also serve as the basis for a country to develop its health financing strategy.

This approach is called OASIS.

Organizational ASsessment for Improving and Strengthening Health Financing