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WHO e-learning course on health financing: join the growing community


Since its launch in August 2016, approximately 4000 participants have now registered for the WHO e-learning course on health financing for UHC. Participants from over 150 countries from all regions and all income levels are now registered. This is a course which targets participants of all levels of experience and expertise. The course is now used as preparation for those attending WHO face-to-face course on health financing, or as a review for those who wish to simply refresh their knowledge. Arabic, French and Russian versions of the course will be launched later in the year.

Overview of WHO health financing policy trainings

Second Advanced Course on Health Financing for Universal Coverage course conducted in Barcelona, June 2015

WHO offers a range of training opportunities on health financing policy, including face-to-face courses and an e-learning course. An advanced annual course targeting low and middle income countries is held annually, and a number of WHO Regional Offices also offer annual health financing workshops or trainings. WHO also offers blended training or capacity building in which a series of tailored, structured and guided contacts, are designed for countries tackling a specific issue e.g. support to a technical working group in a country developing a health financing strategy.

WHO Advanced Course on Health Financing for Universal Coverage for low and middle income countries


June 2017 – WHO held its fourth Advanced Course on Health Financing for Universal Coverage for Low and Middle Income Countries between 12-16 June 2017, in Barcelona, Spain. Forty-seven participants from nineteen countries came together for this one-week-long training course to discuss how health financing policy can be used to improve health system performance in support of universal health coverage. Keynote speakers were Midori de Habich Rospigliosi and Eyitayo Lambo, both former Ministers of Health. This is an advanced course run annually; those attending are expected to complete the e-learning course prior to attending.

Available courses

WHO offers a number of e-learning courses on health financing policy.

e-Learning trainings

WHO launched the first e-learning course on health financing policy for universal health coverage in August 2016. This is a self-paced e-learning course with six modules based on the health financing functions, with approximately one hour required to complete each module. Knowledge checks must be successfully completed for all relevant modules before a certificate is issued.

Second Advanced Course on Health Financing for Universal Coverage course conducted in Barcelona, June 2015

Face-to-face trainings on health financing for UHC

Face-to-face trainings are designed for policy makers, advisors and analysts in the health and social sectors, senior managers of service provider organizations and health insurance funds, and other relevant actors in government, the private sector and civil society.

Blended training opportunities

WHO currently offers a new approach to delivering capacity building support to countries developing health financing policy. This uses multiple approaches to capacity building, blended into a tailored set of engagement focused around the specific needs of a group of stakeholders. This support is country-focused, time-limited, and focused on a particular process or issue. Blended training can include a mix of face-to-face meetings, self-guided e-learning, webinars, and other modes of engagement. If you are interested in this type of support please contact

Keynote presentations from LMIC course 2017

Video presentations

Watch Midori de Habich Rospigliosi, former Minister of Health in Peru, speaking at the keynote sessions during day three of the WHO Course on Health Financing Barcelona, 12 -16 June 2017.

Webinar events

The webinar events provide opportunities to participate in interactive discussion about health financing policy in support of universal health coverage.

Past webinar events