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This programme was active within eHealth in WHO from 2003-2016. For latest WHO activities on eHealth please visit the eHealth web site.

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WHO launched the Health Academy at the end of 2003 and set up a pilot implementation programme in Egypt and Jordan. In 2005, the World Health Assembly passed a resolution (WHA58.28) on eHealth, which calls on WHO to provide support to countries in relation to integrating eHealth into their health systems and services. It also called for the extension of the Health Academy to all its Member States.

The Health Academy team works closely with WHO regional offices and national Ministries of Health and Education to ensure the package complements existing national health promotion and education programmes. There are 15 eLearning courses available and three more are in development.


To measure the effectiveness of its programme the Health Academy has developed three questionnaires for countries to use. The results assist countries to decide which courses are of most benefit to students. The questionnaires are:

  • Knowledge acquisition questionnaire – A set of multiple-choice questions, which test what students have learned.
  • Attitudes and behaviour survey questionnaire – A set of questions, which measure attitudes and behaviours related to a range of health issues. The questions, which were based on those used in the Global School Health Survey, have been used over many years and have the imprimatur of WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.
  • Students' feedback questionnaire – Students evaluate technical aspects of the course, such as user-friendliness, navigation and clarity of presentation.

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