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This programme was active within eHealth in WHO from 2003-2016. For latest WHO activities on eHealth please visit the eHealth web site.

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Health Academy eLearning Courses

The Health Academy strengthens both education and health. In keeping with the effort to provide education for all, it transforms learners from passive recipients of information to active participants in knowledge acquisition. Using the eLearning technology, it provides hands-on practice with automated feedback giving the learner immediate correction of errors, and offers effective learning and instruction at the learner's own pace.

The complete process for designing and producing eLearning courses for the Health Academy has been carefully formulated and tested. Courses are developed to meet the needs of countries and clusters of countries according to their health problems.

The WHO Health Academy Coordination Team consults the World's specialists in the various subjects and, together with the WHO specialists, develops the course content based on the most currently available information, evidence and best practices. The Health Academy processes the content in a form suitable for eLearning and in official and local languages as necessary. It is then adapted, where necessary, to be acceptable in local cultures. This is validated by the World Health Organization's education and community health specialists prior to being developed into eLearning courses that can be accessed through the Internet.

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