Health statistics and information systems

Regional estimates for 2000-2011


The latest regional cause-specific disability-adjusted life year (DALY) estimates for the year 2000 and 2011 are available for download below. These estimates can be downloaded as Excel files for Global summary, and selected regional groupings: WHO regions, World Bank income groups, WHO regions and World Bank income categories (Low- and middle-income countries by WHO region, and high-income countries as a separate group), World Bank regions, and MDG regions.

A summary of data sources and methods is available here. Differences between these DALY estimates for 2000-2011 and estimates previously published by WHO should not be interpreted as representing time trends. Estimates for earlier years are not generally comparable due to changes in methods and data. In particular, the main DALY estimates published by WHO in the past incorporated age-weighting and time discounting and a different standard for calculation of years of life lost (YLL).


YLL ESTIMATES, 2000-2011

YLD ESTIMATES, 2000-2011