Health statistics and information systems

SAGE longitudinal multi-country study

SAGE Wave 3: 2016

Implementation of the full SAGE Wave 3 follow-up will start in mid-2016 in China, Ghana, India, Mexico, Russian Federation and South Africa.

Sample sizes

SAGE will maintain its two target populations: a large sample of persons aged 50 years and older which is the focus of the study and a smaller comparative sample of persons aged 18-49 years. It will also age-in younger adults and have replacements for losses to follow-up in each country to maintain the sample sizes.

Survey materials

The standard SAGE survey instruments will be reviewed following Wave 2 in preparation for Wave 3. The final questionnaires and survey materials will be posted here prior to study implementation.

Country-specific adaptations for SAGE questionnaires and data will be made available.

Data users agreement

Data will be accessible through this site.


Financial support from the WHO the Division of Behavioral and Social Research at the US National Institute on Aging, through Interagency Agreements (OGHA 04034785; YA1323-08-CN-0020; Y1-AG-1005-01) and NIH Grant R01AG034479, to implement SAGE Wave 3 in 2016 in the six core countries.

After the Wave 3 round of data collection, pending financial support, future waves of SAGE to be implemented every 2-4 years.