Health statistics and information systems

WHO Programme on Health Statistics

The production and dissemination of health statistics for health action at country, regional and global levels is a core WHO activity mandated to WHO by its Member States in its Constitution. WHO produced figures carry great weight in national and international resource allocation, policy making and programming, based on its reputation as "unbiased" (impartial and fair) , global ( not belonging to any camp), and technically competent (consulting leading research and policy institutions and individuals). WHO's multiple roles, including advocacy for health issues, monitoring and evaluation of health programmes, provision of technical assistance to countries, requires that WHO works closely with countries to produce the best possible estimates of health statistics, and also add value in creating standards and assisting countries in applying those standards.

The WHO Programme on Health Statistics is an integrated WHO initiative to strengthen country, regional and global health statistics for better policy making and programme implementation. The major interactive components are enhancing country capacity, promoting international harmonization and standardization, and improving the quality of statistics and evidence.

Advisory committee on health monitoring and statistics

The primary objective of the Advisory Committee on Health Monitoring and Statistics is to advise WHO on scientific and technical issues related to health statistics, including overall strategy and procedures of the organization, and current and future issues related to estimation of disease burden and risk factors.

The Advisory Committee met in Geneva 14-15 December 2007. It discussed and made recommendation on the WHO's practices and investment to health statistics, mortality statistics, monitoring of the Medium Term Strategic Plan 2008-2013 and the Global Programme of Work 2006-2015, World Health Survey, Health System Performance Assessment, and Global Burden of Disease.