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WHO Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE)

WHO SAGE Ageing and Health meeting, June 2010

The WHO "Ageing and Health: From Evidence to Policy" meeting was held at the World Health Organization's Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, from 02 to 04 June 2010. The meeting agenda, list of participants and copies of presentations from the meeting are available here. The meeting report will be made available here soon. For further information, write to

  • SAGE_MtgAgenda_June2010
    pdf, 93kb

    Click on the link above to obtain the meeting agenda, including the list of speakers and topics covered. Links to the presentations from the meeting are available as .pdf files below.
  • SAGE_MtgLoP_June2010
    pdf, 89kb

    The full list of participants is available in the .pdf file link above.
  • SAGE_brief
    pdf, 192kb

    This document provides background information about SAGE and a brief overview of the status of study at the time of the meeting.
  • 05_AvoidableMortality_Tobias
    pdf, 167kb

    "Avoidable mortality in old age." Presented by Martin Tobias, New Zealand Ministry of Health.
  • 06_INDEPTHmortality_Adjuik
    pdf, 212kb

    "Cause-specific mortality in low and middle income countries: The INDEPTH process." Presented by Martin Adjuik, INDEPTH Network Secretariat.
  • 07_SAGE_Chatterji
    pdf, 1.81Mb

    "WHO Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE). Ageing in developing countries: Building bridges for an integrated research agenda." Presented by Somnath Chatterji, WHO.
  • 08_SHARE_Börsch-Supan
    pdf, 1.01Mb

    "SHARE and SHARELIFE: The collection of longitudinal data on older adults in Europe." Presented by Axel Börsch-Supan, Mannheim Research Institute for the Economics of Aging.
  • 09_IbadanStudyAgeing_Gureje
    pdf, 409kb

    "Ibadan Study of Ageing (ISA): Rationale and methods." Presented by Oye Gureje, University of Ibadan. Dr Gureje and his team is pursuing a national level ageing and adult health survey in Nigeria, based on SAGE, with sections compatible with the US HRS.
  • 10_ZAF_Phaswana-Mafuya_Gomez-Olive
    pdf, 1.06Mb

    "Health and health service utilization in South Africa: Evidence from SAGE." Presented by Refilwe Phaswana-Mafuya, Health Sciences Research Council, and Xavier Gómez-Olivé, MRC/WITS Rural Public Health and Health Research Unit - Agincourt HDSS.
  • 11_Disability_frailty_Biritwum
    pdf, 1.11Mb

    "Patterns in disability and frailty in older adults: Evidence from SAGE." Presented by Richard Biritwum, University of Ghana. Includes cross-country comparisons of disability and frailty.
  • 12_RiskFactors_SAGE_LopezRidaura
    pdf, 334kb

    "Risk factors in an ageing population: Evidence from SAGE." Presented by Ruy López Ridaura, National Institute of Public Health. Includes cross-country comparisons of Wave 1 results and sequential cross-sectional results across the six countries from WHS/SAGE Wave 0 and SAGE Wave 1.
  • 13_RiskFactors_SAGE_China_Yong
    pdf, 1.97Mb

    "Evidence from SAGE in China: Risk factors in China's ageing population." Presented by Jiang Yong, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Includes data from the SAGE Shanghai oversample and comparisons to data from the China National NCD Risk Factor Surveillance system (2004 and 2007).
  • 14_SAGE_Caregiving_Kinyanda
    pdf, 2.63Mb

    "Direct and indirect effects of HIV on health and wellbeing among older people in Uganda." Presented by Eugene Kinyanda, MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS.
  • 15_SocialNetworksHealth_Berkman
    pdf, 444kb

    "Social networks and health." Presented by Lisa Berkman, Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies.
  • 16_SocialNetworks_Kowal_Ng
    pdf, 1.04Mb

    "Social networks, health and well-being: Evidence from SAGE." Presented by Paul Kowal, WHO, and Nawi Ng, Umeå University. Includes cross-country comparisons of the relationships between social networks and health, and pooled results for happiness and subjective well-being.
  • 17_WellBeing_Stone
    pdf, 2.14Mb

    "Measurement of daily experience: Well-being and aging." Presented by Arthur Stone, Stony Brook University.
  • 18_SocialDeterminantsAgeing_Steptoe
    pdf, 601kb

    "Social determinants of health of older adults." Presented by Andrew Steptoe, University College London.
  • 19_INDEPTH_Tollman
    pdf, 1.80Mb

    "The role of health and socio-demographic surveillance in low and middle income countries." Presented by Steve Tollman, University of Witwatersrand, MRC South Africa and INDEPTH.
  • 20_NCD_Arokiasamy
    pdf, 951kb

    "Patterns of chronic diseases: Cross-sectional evidence from SAGE countries. " Presented by Perianayagam Arokiasamy, International Institute for Population Studies.
  • 21_OmanAgeing_al-Riyami
    pdf, 6.18Mb

    "Elderly profile in Oman: Key findings of preliminary results." A summary of the WHS+ in Oman, as part of the GCC group of studies based on SAGE. Presented by Asya al-Riyami, Oman Ministry of Health.
  • 22_CVD_O'Donnell
    pdf, 1.08Mb

    "Cardiovascular disease." includes presentation of INTERHEART and INTERSTROKE. Presented by Martin O'Donnell, McMaster University.
  • 23_10/66_Neuropsychiatric_Prince
    pdf, 1.22Mb

    "10/66 Dementia Research Group. Neuropsychiatric conditions." Presented by Martin Prince, King's College London.
  • 25_Biomarkers_Seeman
    pdf, 180kb

    "The role of biomarkers in measurement of health status." Presented by Teresa Seeman, University of California Los Angeles.
  • 26_SAGE_biomarkers_Williams
    pdf, 2.09Mb

    "Biomarker studies in low and middle income countries: The SAGE experience." Presented by Sharon Williams, Purdue University.
  • 27_RisksAgeing_Stevens
    pdf, 878kb

    "Risk transitions, ageing and implications for surveillance and research." Examined data on ageing within WHO's ongoing Comparative Quantification of Health Risks work. Presented by Gretchen Stevens, WHO.
  • 28_CostsAgeingInterventions_Chisholm
    pdf, 479kb

    "Costs and cost-effectiveness of interventions for chronic diseases of older adults." Examined work on older adults and WHO's CHOosing Interventions that are Cost-Effective (CHOICE). Presented Presented by Dan Chisholm, WHO.
  • 29_ALC_Beard
    pdf, 724kb

    "WHO's Ageing and Life Course Department". Presented by John Beard, WHO.