Health statistics and health information systems


WHO Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE)

Funding and Advisory Group

Funding agency and financial support

The National Institute on Aging, Division of Behavioral and Social Research (NIA BSR has provided the financial support for SAGE through Interagency Agreements with WHO and NIH grant 1 R01 AG034479-01A1. NIA BSR has facilitated numerous forums for in-depth discussions about study content, design, methods, innovation, analysis, implementation and dissemination. Dr Richard Suzman, Director of NIA BSR, has been instrumental in providing continuous intellectual and other technical support to SAGE. Dr. Suzman has also personally ensured that SAGE is now recognised as a key effort in the measurement of health and well-being in older adults globally - and has facilitated harmonization with the US HRS, SHARE and other ageing studies.

The governments of China and South Africa contributed financial and/or in-kind support to the implementation of SAGE in their respective countries. Governments of all participating countries work with WHO on the implementation of SAGE. WHO has provided salary offset for members of the SAGE team in Geneva.

Advisory Group

SAGE has been developed with input from an Advisory Group. Members include a dynamic group of experts in health, well-being, ageing, biomarkers, economics, retirement, demography, statistics, survey methods and other disciplines, combined with years of experience in longitudinal studies and study design. SAGE was created with local communities, local and national governments and the national/international research, policy and health/social systems planning communities as primary consumers of the resulting information.