What has HMN achieved?

  • Production of the HMN Framework and standards for country health information systems, adopted at the World Health Assembly (2007).
  • Utilization of the HMN Framework by over 85 countries in six regions to improve health by using better health information. Nearly 70% of low and lower-middle income countries are following processes compatible with the HMN Framework to strengthen their health information systems.
  • Adoption of the HMN Framework by the World Bank, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, USAID, United States Centers for Disease Control, and African Development Bank.
  • Improvements in health information systems, associated with the use of the HMN Framework, in terms of lives and money saved, and cost effectiveness. Tracking and documentation of over US $500 million associated with the improvements of country health information systems.
  • Stimulation of new leadership in assisting countries to use health and population information to improve the quality of health care, to improve health status and to save lives.
  • Adoption of a Call to Action at the HMN co-sponsored first Global Health Information Forum (2010), bringing together over 76 countries.
  • Financing for use by countries to strengthen their health information systems.
  • A successful global advocacy campaign undertaken with The Lancet on the monitoring of vital events.