How can countries benefit from HMN?

Scope of HMN support

HMN provides technical and financial support to countries to strengthen their health information systems. While HMN's role is not to be a primary source of funding, HMN financial support enables countries and partners to convene stakeholders, develop plans, mobilize resources, and ensure assessment and monitoring of progress.

Type of activities supported by HMN

HMN will support a range of activities that address the health information system as a whole including its various sub-components. Country plans for health information system strengthening can include activities to enhance the legal and contextual underpinnings of the health information system, the performance of critical data collection methods, and the availability and quality of data for essential health indicators, including those associated with the MDGs. HMN funding will lead to increased networking among in-country, regional and global partners, that will enable information sharing and dissemination, standardization and harmonization. HMN funding will also support enhanced data use, including synthesis and analysis of information and linkages to prioritization, planning and budgeting as part of evidence-based decision-making for health.

Eligibility for HMN Support

All countries can use the HMN Framework and additional documents, however, only low- and middle-income countries will have access to targeted technical assistance from HMN. Financial support will be provided only to low- and middle-income countries with the greatest need in terms of health information systems development, the strongest national commitment to change, and the most supportive partners.