The Health Metrics Network Framework

Introduction to the HMN Framework: Summary Leaflets

The HMN Framework explains why and how countries can build stronger systems to gather, manage, analyse and distribute health information. The Framework describes the elements that help to make a system effective, how they can be evaluated, and the principles that empower countries to build and strengthen their systems according to an agreed standard.

The leaflet, "The Need for Strong Health Information Systems" explains the rationale behind the development of the HMN Framework and the three implementaion phases associated with HIS reform. Effective leadership, assessment, priority setting and planning for HIS strengthening are just a few of the steps towards implementation and building capacity. To learn more about the HMN Framework at-a-glance, please visit the link below.

The leaflet, "Components of a Strong Health Information System" briefly explains the six key components that help countries develop their own health information systems in a way that empowers all those who contribute to and benefit from health information. The six key components include three categories of inputs, processes and outputs of HIS reform.

The benefits of a well-developed system include the ability to monitor impact of health programs, better quality information, and more efficient delivery of health care services. With sound data sources and best practices for data collection, transforming data into evidence becomes a reality. To learn more about the technical components of HIS, please visit the link below.

The HMN Framework and Standards for Country Health Information Systems

HMN's growing body of experience is reflected in Second Edition of the Framework and Standards for Country Information Systems available for download through this link. The Second Edition has important new contributions from countries and partners, particularly in the elaboration of methods and standards for implementation as represented by the three-phase road map for applying the Framework.