Health promotion

Network of Health Promotion Foundations

The International Network of Health Promotion Foundations was established in 1999 to enhance the performance of existing Health Promotion Foundations and to assist the development of new Foundations.

The mission of the Network is to strengthen the capacities of countries to promote population health through Health Promotion Foundations at national and sub-national levels.

Goals of the Network

  • To enhance the performance of existing Health Promotion Foundations through the exchange of information and experience, mutual learning, and joint action.
  • To support the establishment of new Health Promotion Foundations using innovative and sustainable financing mechanisms.
  • To enhance and maintain the functions and outputs of the Network.

Network Policies: membership

There are two levels for membership:

  • full membership
  • associate membership.

Full network members are organizations that have (in greater part) the following key elements:

  • The organization is primarily involved in funding health promotion activities
  • The organization has been established according to some form of legislation such as an Act of Parliament
  • The organization is governed by an independent Board of Governance that comprises stakeholder representation
  • The organization exercises a high level of autonomous decision making
  • The legislation provides a long-term and recurrent budget for the purposes of health promotion
  • The organization is not aligned with any political group
  • The organization promotes health by working with and across many sectors and levels of society

Full members

Founding members / Network members as of March 2002:

- Korea Health Promotion Fund

The Network has prepared a statement to draw attention to the tremendous potential such Foundations have, in both developing ands developed countries, to provide new resources to address major national health challenges and their broad determinants.

This statement is available for download in the following languages:

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