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The 6th Global Conference on Health Promotion

Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion

The 'Bangkok Charter for Health Promotion in a globalized world' has been agreed to by participants at the 6th Global Conference on Health Promotion held in Thailand from 7-11 August, 2005. It identifies major challenges, actions and commitments needed to address the determinants of health in a globalized world by reaching out to people, groups and organizations that are critical to the achievement of health.

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Policy and partnership for action: addressing the determinants of health

The 6th Global Conference on Health Promotion, organized by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, was held at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, on 7-11 August 2005.

This conference was the latest in the series which began in Ottawa in 1986 and produced the Ottawa Charter on Health Promotion. This benchmark conference was followed by Adelaide (1988), Sundsvall (1991), Jakarta (1997) and Mexico-City (2000).

Almost 20 years later, many things have changed in the world, including the impact of globalization, the internet, greater moves towards private sector involvement in public health, emphasis on a sound evidence-based approach and cost-effectiveness. The 6th Global Conference has been convened to meet these challenges and to better exploit the opportunities presented for health promotion in the 21st Century.


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Global health promotion scaling up for 2015

A brief review of major impacts and developments over the past 20 years and challenges for 2015


Shanghai Declaration

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The Shanghai Declaration on Health Promotion has been endorsed by the participants of the conference.

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