Health promotion

Africa Day

7th Global Conference on Health Promotion

Africa Day, which will be held on the fourth day of the seventh Global Conference on Health Promotion, is a day dedicated to the conference hosts to demonstrate realistically, Africa's health promotion achievements and showcase the cultural features that set it apart from the rest. Although health promotion is still relatively young on the continent, there is emerging evidence of health promotion effectiveness that could be shared for up-scaling the lessons learnt and influencing health promotion practice in the region and globally.

This will be a full day programme that will include three main events:
(i) plenary presentations by renowned African scholars and policy makers (ii) exhibitions by different countries showcasing their health promotion practices (iii) dinner that would include food and entertainment from different parts of the continent.

  • Plenary presentations by key scholars and policy makers: six keynote speakers will make presentations during the plenary session. The speakers will address the sub-themes from an African perspective.
  • Exhibitions on Health Promotion in Africa: in recognition of the rich and diverse cultures in the different countries on the continent, there will be an exhibition of artefacts /merchandize or presentations /documentaries to relay health messages. There will be a guided tour through the various exhibitions that will be setup based on country requirements.
  • Dinner and entertainment the African way: the dinner will be organized in the form of courts serving food from the different countries. The dinner will be accompanied by entertainment by cultural troupes from different countries.

For more information on other events, please see the programme.

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