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Book Webinar: Health in All Policies

Minister Guzenina-Richardson: Health is important for the society as a whole

“Equity in health is an essential part of a just society. Wellbeing enables not only each individual to reach his or her goals and aspirations, but also the society to achieve many of its common goals,” the Finnish Minister of Health and Social Services Maria Guzenina-Richardson says.

“Health and health equity are important for the society as a whole. Wellbeing is not created only by health service provision, but largely also by determinants of health. Together they affect the health of individuals and communities”.

“The theme of the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion is Health in All Policies. This approach means that health and health equity should be taken into account in all public policy decision making and implementation”, Minister Guzenina-Richardson continues.

“The environment where we are born, grow, live, go to school, to work and age should be as healthy as possible. Healthy population is good for all: good for people, good for society and even good for business”

“Dear friends, I welcome you all warmly to Helsinki and to the 8th WHO Global Conference on Health Promotion in June”.