Health promotion

Framework and Statement

“Health in All Policies Framework for Country Action” and the Conference Statement of 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion

The focus of the 8th Global Conference on Health Promotion was on how to promote health and equity by implementing the Health in All Policies approach. The key outcomes of Conference are a “Health in All Policies (HiAP) Framework for Country Action” and a Conference Statement. The Framework will give countries concrete guidance on how to implement Health in All Policies and the Statement will call for action on HiAP to achieve improved health and equity.

The Helsinki Statement on Health in All Policies – was endorsed by the conference participants on the closing day of the conference, Friday 14 June.

Web consultation

WHO held a web-based consultation from 9 May to 19 May 2013, to gather comments on the draft HiAP Framework for Country Action and the Conference Statement. The consultation was run by the Health Promotion Unit of WHO.The web-based consultation undertaken through the Conference Web site, was administered by WHO and the local organizer, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland.

The drafts can be viewed here:

This consultation aimed to share with a broader audience of public health practitioners the draft Framework and Statement as well as to invite comments from a wider group of stakeholders on the drafts.

These drafts were further revised in light of the comments received from this web-based consultation. The revised drafts have become the Conference drafts and are being discussed by all expert participants at the Conference and will be further revised accordingly.

The Statement will be endorsed by the participants at the Conference and put on the Conference Website by Monday 17 June, 2013.