Health promotion

Adelaide Recommendations on Healthy Public Policy

Second International Conference on Health Promotion, Adelaide, South Australia, 5-9 April 1988

Developing New Health Alliances

The commitment to healthy public policy demands an approach that emphasizes consultation and negotiation. Healthy public policy requires strong advocates who put health high on the agenda of policy-makers. This means fostering the work of advocacy groups and helping the media to interpret complex policy issues.

Educational institutions must respond to the emerging needs of the new public health by reorienting existing curricula to include enabling, mediating, and advocating skills. There must be a power shift from control to technical support in policy development. In addition, forums for the exchange of experiences at local, national and international levels are needed.

The Conference recommends that local, national and international bodies:

  • establish clearing-houses to promote good practice in developing healthy public policy;
  • develop networks of research workers, training personnel, and programme managers to help analyse and implement healthy public policy.