Health promotion

Jakarta Declaration on Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century

The Fourth International Conference on Health Promotion: New Players for a New Era - Leading Health Promotion into the 21st Century, meeting in Jakarta from 21 to 25 July 1997

Call for action

The participants in this Conference are committed to sharing the key messages of the Jakarta Declaration with their governments, institutions and communities, putting the actions proposed into practice, and reporting back to the Fifth International Conference on Health Promotion.

In order to speed progress towards global health promotion, the participants endorse the formation of a global health promotion alliance. The goal of this alliance is to advance the priorities for action in health promotion set out in this Declaration.

Priorities for the alliance include:

  • raising awareness of the changing determinants of health
  • supporting the development of collaboration and networks for health development
  • mobilizing resources for health promotion
  • accumulating knowledge on best practice
  • enabling shared learning
  • promoting solidarity in action
  • fostering transparency and public accountability in health promotion

National governments are called on to take the initiative in fostering and sponsoring networks for health promotion both within and among their countries.

The participants call on WHO to take the lead in building such a global health promotion alliance and enabling its Member States to implement the outcomes of the Conference. A key part of this role is for WHO to engage governments, nongovernmental organizations, development banks, organizations of the United Nations system, interregional bodies, bilateral agencies, the labour movement and cooperatives, as well as the private sector, in advancing the priorities for action in health promotion.