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Mexico Ministerial Statement for the Promotion of Health

Fifth Global Conference on Health Promotion, Health Promotion: Bridging the Equity Gap, Mexico City, June 5th, 2000


Gathered in Mexico City on the occasion of the Fifth Global Conference on Health Promotion, the Ministers of Health who sign this Statement:

1. Recognize that the attainment of the highest possible standard of health is a positive asset for the enjoyment of life and necessary for social and economic development and equity.

2. Acknowledge that the promotion of health and social development is a central duty and responsibility of governments, that all sectors of society share.

3. Are mindful that, in recent years, through the sustained efforts of governments and societies working together, there have been significant health improvements and progress in the provision of health services in many countries of the world.

4. Realize that, despite this progress, many health problems still persist which hinder social and economic development and must therefore be urgently addressed to further equity in the attainment of health and well being.

5. Are mindful that, at the same time, new and re-emerging diseases threaten the progress made in health.

6. Realize that it is urgent to address the social, economic and environmental determinants of health and that this requires strengthened mechanisms of collaboration for the promotion of health across al sectors and at all levels of society.

7. Conclude that health promotion must be a fundamental component of public policies and programmes in all countries in the pursuit of equity and better health for all.

8. Realize that there is ample evidence that good health promotion strategies of promoting health are effective.

Mexico Ministerial Statement

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