Health promotion

Mexico Ministerial Statement for the Promotion of Health

Fifth Global Conference on Health Promotion, Health Promotion: Bridging the Equity Gap, Mexico City, June 5th, 2000


Considering the above, we subscribe to the following:

A. To position the promotion of health as a fundamental priority in local, regional, national and international policies and programmes.

B. To take the leading role in ensuring the active participation of all sectors and civil society, in the implementation of health promoting actions which strengthen and expand partnerships for health.

C. To support the preparation of country-wide plans of action for promoting health, if necessary drawing on the expertise in this area of WHO and its partners. These plans will vary according to the national context, but will follow a basic framework agreed upon during the Fifth Global Conference on Health Promotion, and may include among others:

  • The identification of health priorities and the establishment of healthy public policies and programmes to address these.
  • The support of research which advances knowledge on selected priorities.
  • The mobilization of financial and operational resources to build human and institutional capacity for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of country-wide plans of action.

D. To establish or strengthen national and international networks which promote health.

E. To advocate that UN agencies be accountable for the health impact of their development agenda.

F. To inform the Director General of the World Health Organization, for the purpose of her report to the 107th session of the Executive Board, of the progress made in the performance of the above actions.

Signed in Mexico City, on June 5th 2000, in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, all texts being equally authentic.

Mexico Ministerial Statement

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