Health promotion

The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

First International Conference on Health Promotion, Ottawa, 21 November 1986

Call for International Action

The Conference calls on the World Health Organization and other international organizations to advocate the promotion of health in all appropriate forums and to support countries in setting up strategies and programmes for health promotion.

The Conference is firmly convinced that if people in all walks of life, nongovernmental and voluntary organizations, governments, the World Health Organization and all other bodies concerned join forces in introducing strategies for health promotion, in line with the moral and social values that form the basis of this CHARTER, Health For All by the year 2000 will become a reality.

CHARTER ADOPTED AT AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HEALTH PROMOTION* The move towards a new public health, November 17-21, 1986 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

* Co-sponsored by the Canadian Public Health Association, Health and Welfare Canada, and the World Health Organization.