Health promotion

Sundsvall Statement on Supportive Environments for Health

Third International Conference on Health Promotion, Sundsvall, Sweden, 9-15 June 1991

Achieving Global Accountability

The Sundsvall Conference calls upon the international community to establish nw mechanisms of health and ecological accountability that build upon the principles of sustainable health development. In practice this requires health and environmental impact statements for major policy and programme initiatives. WHO and UNEP are urged to strengthen their efforts to develop codes of conduct on the trade and marketing of substances and products harmful to health and the environment.

WHO and UNEP are urged to develop guidelines based on the principle of sustainable development for use by Member States. All multilateral and bilateral donor and funding agencies such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund are urged to use such guidelines in planning, implementing and assessing development projects. Urgent action needs to be taken to support developing countries in identifying and applying their own solutions. Close collaboration with nongovernmental organizations should be ensured throughout the process.

The Sundsvall Conference has again demonstrated that the issues of health, environment and human development cannot be separated. Development must imply improvement in the quality of life and health while preserving the sustainability of the environment. Only worldwide action based on global partnership will ensure the future of our planet.

Document resulting from the Third International Conference on Health Promotion* 9-15 June 1991, Sundsvall, Sweden

*Co-sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme, the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the World Health Organization