Health systems

The Health Worker Diaries

This series which presents personal stories by health workers around the globe, has been launched on the occasion of the World Health Report and World Health Day 2006 – both of which focus on the health workforce. Future authors will include people working at every level of health systems – hospital managers, nurses, paramedics, cooks, laboratory technicians, and more.


A day in the life of an emergency paramedic

Nimrod Gutman, a 25-year-old paramedic, works on the mobile medical unit of Nimratz Lev (which means 'lively heart' in Hebrew) in Kfar Saba, Israel.

On the Hotline

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LOH Chin Siew is a pharmacist at the Drug & Poison Information Centre at Singapore General Hospital.

The lone psychiatrist

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Alain Maxime Mouanga is the sole hospital-based psychiatrist in the Republic of the Congo, a country of 2.5 million inhabitants.

Health systems

A well-functioning health system
working in harmony is built on having
trained and motivated health
workers, a well-maintained infrastructure,
and a reliable supply of medicines
and technologies, backed by adequate
funding, strong health plans and
evidence-based policies.