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HSS sessions at XVII International Aids Conference

Positive Synergies between Health Systems and Global Health Initiatives

Positive Synergies between Health Systems and Global Health Initiatives

HSS session venue

• Type: Satellite session
• Session Room: SR 9 (950)
• Date: Monday, 4 August 2008
• Time: 18:30 - 20:30

Growing awareness of the need for improved accommodation between health systems and priority health programmes is now prompting health systems to actively adopt measures that can help integrate and maximize the impact of Global Health Initiatives. By the same token, the Global Health Initiatives are starting to make a more active investment in systems strengthening. A concerted global effort is now required if the world is to take full advantage of these opportunities. Strengthened interaction between global health initiatives and health systems actors at the international and country level must be promoted. Global health initiatives, health systems, donors, academics, multilateral agencies, civil society and health ministries each need to contribute towards finding new and sustainable ways of maximizing positive health outcomes. New links and partnerships are being formed between health systems analysts and health policy makers at global, regional and national levels and these must be extended. The proposed satellite event will discuss how to exploit the existing synergies. Current global, regional and country experiences will be presented.