Healthy Environments for Children Alliance

Healthy Environments for Children WHO/AMG Round Table

The Fondation pour Geneve, in conjunction with the World Health Organization and the Association des Medecins du canton de Geneve (AMG), hosted a round table discussion on healthy environments for children (21 October 2003, WHO HQ). Presentations were made by experts from WHO, AMG, and cantonal departments followed by discussions around the following themes: why an alliance in favour of a healthy environment for children; the physical environment as a factor of risks - home, school, and community; and the social environment - life styles and behavioural aspects. In addition, there was a session presenting solutions that adopt integrated approaches to children's environmental health issues. The round table allowed for exchange, providing both global and local perspectives on environmental threats to children's health and ways to ensure healthy environments for children.


From 9.30 am Welcome

10.00 am Opening of the Round Table

-Mr Guillaume Pictet, Chairman, Fondation pour Genève (view presentation)
-Dr Blaise Bourrit, President, Association des Médecins du canton de Genève (AMG) (view presentation)
-Mr Pierre-François Unger, State Councillor in Charge of the Social Services and Health Department (view presentation)

Why a “Healthy Environments for Children Alliance” (HECA)?

-Dr Maged Younes, WHO (view presentation)

Addressing Risk Factors in Settings: The Home, the School and the Community

-Dr Jenny Pronczuk, WHO (view presentation en français or in English)
-Ms Eva Rehfuess, WHO (view presentation)
-Dr Paul Bouvier, Service de santé de la jeunesse, Département de l’instruction publique (view presentation)

The Social Environment: Lifestyles and Behavioural Aspects

-Dr Margie Peden, WHO (view presentation)
-Dr Carmen Audera-Lopez, WHO (view presentation)
-Dr Daniel Halpérin, Département de médecine communautaire, Consultation interdisciplinaire de médecine et de prévention de la violence, Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (view presentation)
-Dr Claude Aubert, Former President, AMG (view presentation)

What are the solutions?

-Dr Hans Troedsson, WHO (view presentation)
-Mr Jack Jones, WHO (view presentation)
-Dr Delphine Mottu, Pédiatre praticienne (view presentation)

12.30 pm Closure of the Round Table

-Dr Kerstin Leitner, Assistant Director-General, Sustainable Development and Healthy Environments, WHO

12.45 pm Buffet