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Healthy Environments for Children Alliance listserv

The Healthy Environments for Children Alliance listserv (HECANET) is an international mailing list dedicated to promoting healthy environments for children. The list provides updates on the activities of the Healthy Environments for Children Alliance (HECA), advocacy tools and information resources, relevant meeting announcements, and reports on technical research and monitoring related to environmental risks to children's health.


  • Healthy Spaces Web Site
  • How Advocacy and IEC Can Protect Children from Environmental Hazards
  • World Health Day 2003 Final Report and Photo Gallery
  • The Ryan's Well Foundation

Healthy Spaces Web Site

On World Health Day 2003, the Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH), in partnership with the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF), launched an interactive, educational Web site entitled "Healthy Spaces". The site, located at, aims to increase awareness of children's exposure to potential contaminants in the areas where children grow, learn and play. Equipped with colourful, interactive maps of spaces, a glossary that explains key environmental risks, and resources/links for further information, the site allows viewers to make informed decisions about how to create safe and healthy spaces for young children.

How Advocacy and IEC Can Protect Children from Environmental Hazards

How can advocacy, information, education, and communication help protect children's health from environmental hazards? Experiences of different strategies and successes working with parents, schools, scientists and health professionals will be shared at an international workshop for educators, health professionals and policymakers to be held at the Medical University in Wroclaw, Poland from 29 September to 1 October 2003. This workshop is organized jointly by WHO/Europe and the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health in Sosnowiec, Poland, and will develop recommendations for the children's environment and health action plan for the Budapest Conference. The closing date for registration is 1 August 2003. More information:

World Health Day 2003 Final Report and Photo Gallery

World Health Day 2003, dedicated to "Healthy Environments for Children", was marked by more than 300 registered events in over 100 countries. The World Health Day (WHD) 2003 Final Report, Report Appendices on events and media coverage, and Photo Gallery are now available on the WHD 2003 Web site. The Final Report is available in English with text-only versions in Spanish and French. The Appendices are currently available in English, with Spanish and French text-only translations to be uploaded in the future. Although it was not possible to feature all photos, the WHD 2003 Photo Gallery features samples of the hundreds received from event coordinators around the world. More information: (click under Information Materials and Press Corner).

The Ryan's Well Foundation

Lack of water security, particularly in the home setting, is one of the environmental health hazards that HECA has identified as priority issues. Access to a reliable safe water supply is also a human right as defined in the General Comment on the Right to Water and the Declaration on the Rights of the Child. Eleven-year-old Canadian Ryan Hreljac, founder of the Ryan's Well Foundation, has been working to ensure household/school water security and safe drinking water since he was six. The Ryan's Well Foundation is committed to raising money for wells and clean water, and currently funds projects in Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi and Ethiopia. The Foundation uses an innovative child-to-child approach entailing educational programmes on water security in schools in Canada, resulting in fundraising by Canadian students for wells in project countries. For further information on this curriculum-based/fundraising approach, see the "Schools Page" of the Foundation's Web site: