Pilot projects: action at country level

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Sound action in individual countries is the core of the HELI initiative. Country-level pilot projects harness the combined international, regional and country-level resources of WHO/UNEP into a single focused effort.

Each partner country chooses a pilot project theme according to national priorities and performs an intersectoral assessment of policy from an environment and health perspective. Local actors choose the specific assessment methodology, tools and process best suited to local realities and needs. However, each assessment includes the following elements and procedures.

  • A core team conducts the assessment; this team includes key experts from various sectors of government, academia and civil society.
  • An advisory committee, including a wide range of stakeholders and government actors, reviews and contributes to the assessment process and its conclusions.

Once the assessment is complete, the initiative supports a public and technical dialogue regarding implementation of the recommendations.

  • Briefings are provided to key groups/actors, e.g. politicians and decision-makers.
  • Public presentation of the assessment's results and recommendations is organized, with participation of the media.
  • A workshop, hosted by the pilot project partner and including other countries in the region, is conducted to disseminate professional knowledge and build capacity for intersectoral collaboration.

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