Water, health and ecosystems: directory of resources

Case-studies: managing water resources for health

This section provides a select number of case-studies in innovative policies and practices.

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    Howard G, Mutabazi R, Nalubega M. Rehabilitation of protected springs in Kampala Uganda. Paper presented at the 26th Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) Conference, Bangladesh, 2000.
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    Hidden links: irrigation, malaria, and gender. Ottawa, International Development and Research Centre, 2002.
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    Irrigation water as a safe source of drinking water: a case study from Pakistan. Colombo, Sri Lanka, International Water Management Institute.
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    Sawyer R. Sanitation as if it really matters: taking toilets out of the (water) closet and into the loop. Morelos, Mexico, Sarar Transformación SC, 2003. http://www2.gtz.de/ecosan/download/Saywer-Toiletsoutofcloset.pdf
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    Ross-Jordan, J. Unaccounted-for-water management in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Paper presented at the 29th Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) Conference, Nigeria, 2003.
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    Lockwood H, Morales GM, Altamirano JO. Nicaragua: rural water supply, sanitation, and environmental health program. Washington, DC, United States Agency for International Development, 2001 (Activity Report 106).
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    Scott C, Faruqui NI, Raschid L, eds. Wastewater use in irrigated agriculture: confronting the livelihood and environmental realities. CABI Publishing, 2004.
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    Scott CA, Zarazúa JA, Levine G. Urban-wastewater reuse for crop production in the water-short Guanajuato River Basin, Mexico. Colombo, Sri Lanka. International Water Management Institute, 2000 (Research Report 41).
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    Sutton S. Low cost improvements to rural water sources can make a big difference. (protecting drinking water quality in traditional sources) International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC), 2002
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    Vajpai B, Vajpai KN. Water resource management: an integrated approach. Paper presented at the 28th Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) Conference, India, 2002.
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    Van Der Lee J, Phonethipasa B, Sakai P. Water – a key to primary health care. Paper presented at the 25th Water, Engineering and Development Centre (WEDC) Conference, Ethiopia, 1999.