Workers and volunteers promoting their #JustALittlePrik campaign  for European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week 2015

European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week 2016: Test. Treat. Prevent.

17 November 2016 - Safe and effective treatments exist that allow people living with HIV and/or viral hepatitis B to lead healthy and long lives. Those living with hepatitis C can be cured. But knowing your health status is the prerequisite to accessing treatment, which is why WHO strongly supports the European HIV-Hepatitis Testing Week. The week aims to break the silence on HIV and viral hepatitis and build momentum to stop these epidemics by 2030.

Health worker at a mobile testing clinic

WHO issues policy brief on new hepatitis testing recommendations

14 November 2016 – WHO has released its first recommendations on testing for chronic hepatitis B and C, including who to test and how to test. Testing and diagnosis of chronic hepatitis is the gateway for access to prevention as well as care and treatment services. Globally, an estimated 95% of people with hepatitis are unaware of their infection due to a lack of knowledge and availability of testing services. The new recommendations will provide a major opportunity to improve identification and treatment of persons with chronic hepatitis, and help country efforts to achieve the targets outlined in the Global Health Sector Strategy on viral hepatitis.

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Over 1 million treated with highly effective hepatitis C medicines

27 October 2016 – The World Health Organization launches its first-ever report on access to hepatitis C treatment today. The report shows encouraging progress in developing countries where more than 1 million people have been treated with a revolutionary new cure for hepatitis C. Despite this progress, most people in need still lack treatment and more global effort is required to overcome barriers to access. The report shows several countries are championing the scale-up of hepatitis C treatment with political will, partnerships, negotiations to reduce prices and the introduction of generic medicines.

Hepatitis C

WHO congratulates UNITAID and FIND with new hepatitis C initiative

4 October 2016 - UNITAID announces a partnership with FIND today aiming to improve diagnostics and treatments for hepatitis C virus (HCV). The USD 38.3 million project will support the development of better, simpler, diagnostic tools for HCV where people seek care, and will introduce HCV testing and treatment through HIV programmes in seven countries: Cameroon, Georgia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.


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Global burden

400 millionViral hepatitis affects 400 million people globally. Every year 6–10 million people are newly infected.

For more: fact sheet on hepatitis B

Silent killer

1.4 millionGlobally, about 1.4 million people die each year from hepatitis.

For more: global strategy on viral hepatitis

Effective treatment

90%Over 90% of people with hepatitis C can be completely cured within 3–6 months.

For more: fact sheet on hepatitis C

World Hepatitis Day campaign

World Hepatitis Summit

World Hepatitis Summit 2017

Date: 1-3 November 2017 Place: São Paulo, Brazil

Global strategy

Global health sector strategy on viral hepatitis 2016-2021