Mother with a child, Ayacucho, Peru (hepatitis B).

Know hepatitis - Act now

20 July 2016 -- Viral hepatitis infection is widely spread, affecting 400 million people worldwide – over 10 times the number of people infected with HIV. Globally, about 1.4 million people die each year from hepatitis. On World Hepatitis Day, celebrated on 28 July 2016, WHO calls on policy-makers, health workers and the public to "Know hepatitis - Act now".

World Hepatitis Day campaign poster

#NOhep global movement to support WHO hepatitis strategy

19 July 2016 -- On World Hepatitis Day, 28 July 2016, global partner organizations – the World Hepatitis Alliance, together with a large number of civil society organizations – will launch a worldwide movement to mobilize forces to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. The movement, called “NOhep”, aims to unite people working in the field of hepatitis and others throughout the world around one common purpose: the elimination of viral hepatitis.


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Global burden

400 millionViral hepatitis affects 400 million people globally. Every year 6–10 million people are newly infected.

For more: fact sheet on hepatitis B

Silent killer

1.4 millionGlobally, about 1.4 million people die each year from hepatitis.

For more: global strategy on viral hepatitis

Effective treatment

90%Over 90% of people with hepatitis C can be completely cured within 3–6 months.

For more: fact sheet on hepatitis C

World Hepatitis Day campaign

World Hepatitis Summit

World Hepatitis Summit 2017

Date: 1-3 November 2017 Place: São Paulo, Brazil

Global strategy

Global health sector strategy on viral hepatitis 2016-2021