Health and Human Rights

Technical Information

The database was completed in June 2002 by David Hana for the François-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard School of Public Health.

Database Structure

The data collected from responding organizations is organized into a series of tables in a Microsoft SQL Server relational database. Most of the information gathered is represented by unique fields within the table called tblOrganizations. Additional tables were created for questions that may have multiple responses, linked to tblOrganizations with a unique identifier assigned to each organization (Organization ID). This structure allows for efficient data processing during complex searches.

Additional tables containing master mailing lists imported from Microsoft Excel were used to generate mailing labels for the original solicitation.

Data Entry

Data entry was conducted manually from printed responses. Survey respondents were encouraged to submit electronic versions of their reponses to the instrument. These responses were also input manually, with longer free response answers transfered to the database electronically.