Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Conference: Urban development and extractive industries: What can HIA offer?

Poster Session on HIA in urban development and extractive industries

A Health Impact Assessment of Congestion Pricing Policy
in San Francisco, California

Rajiv Bhatia, MD, MPH; Megan Wier, MPH;
Jennifer McLaughlin, MS; Cyndy Scully, MA; Tom Rivard, MS, REHS
San Francisco Department of Public Health
Program on Health, Equity and Sustainability.

Eastern Neighborhoods Community Health Impact Assessment

Rajiv Bhatia, MD, MPH, Lili Farhang MPH, Megan Gaydos MPH,
Shireen Malefkazali MPH, Jennifer McLaughlin MS, Cyndy Scully MS, Megan Wier MPH Environmental and Occupational Health Section,
San Francisco Department of Public Health.

HIA and Environmental Impact Assessment in Southern California
Rajiv Bhatia, Jonathan Heller, Jennifer Lucky
Marnie Purciel, Tina Yuen.

Participatory Research in the HIA Process;
Understanding Environmental Health Impacts of Urban Agriculture

Dr Nita Chaudhuri (University of Toronto), Dr D. C. Cole (University of Toronto),
Dr Seydou Niang (University of Dakar).

HIA methodology to support
Regional Health Authorities in urban planning.

F. Bianchi*, L. Cori*, N. Linzalone*, M. Natali**
(*) Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Council, Italy
(**) Public Health Office, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy.

Cities and Health in the Italian “HEALTH IN ALL POLICIES” Approach
Giuseppe Costa (EPI-ASL3), Elena Gelormino (EPI-ASL3),
Matteo Tabasso (SiTI), Giulia Melis (SiTI), Roberto Salerno (Università di Torino).

"Ruhr" metropolitan area in Germany.
- Rapid Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of novel spatial planning

Rainer Fehr, Institute of Health and Work North Rhine-Westphalia (LIGA.NRW)
WHO Collaborating Center for Regional Health Policy and Public Health,
Düsseldorf, Germany.

Using HIA to Achieve Healthy Housing Conditions
Kim Gilhuly, Celia Harris, Jonathan Heller,
Jennifer Lucky, Marnie Purciel
Human Impact Partners (HIP).

EURO-URHIS 2 and Urban Health Impact Assessment
Urban Health Monitoring and
Analysis System to Inform Policy.
Fiona Haigh –IMPACT -University of Liverpool

HIA: an essential social mechanism for health and well-being of ASEAN
Nusaraporn Kessomboon, PhD, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Khon Kaen University.
Pattapon Kessomboon, Wiput Phoolcharoen,
Decharut Sukkumnoed, Somporn Pengkam.

Developing common best practices to promote urban health
N. Linzalone(a,b), P. Lauriola(a,c), E. Cadum(d), M.Natali(e) and the Italian HIA group(1).
(a) Italian Local Agenda 21 Association, Sustainable Cities Working Group
(b) Institute of Clinical Physiology, National Research Council, Italy
(c) ARPA (Regional Environmental Protection Agency) Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy
(d) ARPA (Regional Environmental Protection Agency) Piedmont Region, Italy
(e) Public Health Office Department, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy
(1) HIA partners: IFC-CNR Pisa, ANCI Italia, Regione Emilia-Romagna, Regione Sicilia, ARPA Emilia-Romagna, ARPA Marche, ARPA Toscana, ARPA Piemonte, ARPA Puglia, ARPA Veneto, ASL Milano, ASL Avezzano-Sulmona-L’Aquila.

Urban Regeneration in Health in all Policies Approach:

Matteo Tabasso (SiTI), Giulia Melis (SiTI),
Giuseppe Costa (EPI-ASL3),
Elena Gelormino (EPI-ASL3), Roberto Salerno (Università di Torino).

The Impact of Health Impact Assessments (HIAs)
on Policy in Urban Settings:The Case of London Health Strategies
and the London Plan

Livingstone Musoro
London Metropolitan University.

Wind Energy Project in Alberta:
Issues in a Farming Community

Orenstein MR, Tamburrini A-L, Myles E, Lee M.
Habitat Health Impact Consulting, Calgary, Alberta.

What should we strive for in urban development – increasing
Average Health Status or decreasing Health Inequalities:
the role of Health Impact Assessment

Jordan Panayotov
Independent Centre for Analysis and Research of Economies
Melbourne, Australia.

Health Impact Assessment of Urban Air Pollution in Europe
Aphekom network
Improving Knowledge and Communication
for Decission Making on Air Pollution
and Health in Europe.

Geneva Metropolitan Area's
Master Plan (GeMAMP): HIA and Beyond

Dr. Jean Simos, Nicola Cantoreggi, GRES-ISE, University of Geneva
Natacha Litzistorf Spina, Thierno Diallo, equiterre, Geneva.

Stoke-on-Trent Healthy City Health
and Health Equity in All Policies

Salim Vohra(1), Zafar Iqbal, Judy Kurth(2), Rachel Davey(3), Jerry Spencer(4), Marcus Chilaka(5), Gifty Amo-Danso(1)
1.Centre for HIA, Institute of Occupational Medicine, 2.NHS Stoke-on-Trent, 3.Staffordshire University, 4.Jerry Spencer Associates, 5.University of Salford

Issues in HIA in China: lessons from joint ventures in the oil,
gas and forestry industries

Caroline Hoy (Scottish Centre for Chinese Social Science Research,
University of Glasgow, UK),
and Marilyn Beach (M. Beach Consulting International,
Houston, TX, USA).

Desert Gas Project
M. Birley
F. Viliani.

Health Effects Assessment Tool (HEAT): An Innovative
Guide for HIA in Resource Development Projects

Tania Barron, Environmental Resources Management
Marla Orenstein, Habitat Health Impact Consulting
Ame-Lia Tamburrini, Habitat Health Impact Consulting.

Health and Environment Interface Aspects in the Analysis
of the Impact of Potentially Polluting Projects in Brazil

Missifany Silveira
Ministry of Health of Brazil.

Good Practice Guidance on Health Impact Assessment
in the Mining and Metals Sector

Project Team: Salim Vohra(1), Martin Birley(2), Judith Ball(1)
(1)Centre for HIA, Institute of Occupational Medicine
(2)Birley HIA.

HIA Guidelines Development for Mining Industry
(HIA Natural Resources)

Siriwan Chandanachulaka
Sukanda Padpadee.

Planning HIA strategies for extractive industries
Case study: extractive district in North of Italy

G. Magro, M. Sumini (University of Bologna)
V. Bettini (University IUAV of Venice)
S. Pellegrini (IAIA Italy)