Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

The HIA evaluation cookbook

This section draws together all of the activity to date around HIA evaluation. In the future we hope to synthesise this material to provide guidance on HIA evaluation, but at the moment we are still collecting information about different approaches that have been used, and different descriptions of what is required. There is plenty here to get you started!

HIA: A review of reviews. 2002.This document was developed by the Health Development Agency (England). It provides a summary of the review level evidence about HIA evaluation. It also provides an early list of the types of questions that need to be answered in an evaluation.

Learning from Practice Bulletin: Evaluating health impact assessment. 2003. developed by the Health Development Agency (England). It provides information for practitioners wanting to plan, lead or support an evaluation of a HIA. It describes why it is important to evaluate, suggests questions, provides examples of evaluation, details challenges, provides promising practice guidance on evaluation and further information.

Evaluation as a key part of health impact assessment: The English experience. 2003, published by the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. This journal article sets the context for evaluation within England – describing the HIA evaluations that had occurred, and describing plans to take forward the evaluation agenda within England.

London Mayoral Strategies HIA evaluation. 2003. This section describes an independent retrospective evaluation of two HIAs that focussed on strategies proposed by the London Mayor, outlines how they were evaluated, and details what the evaluation showed. Links to the web documents are provided.

Finningley Airport HIA. This section outlines a descriptive process evaluation of a HIA about a former RAF base, and summarises what the evaluation showed.

Alconbury HIA. This section describes a concurrent HIA evaluation of an airfield that was to be used as a large rail and freight distribution centre, and summarises what the evaluation showed.