Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

Evidence that HIA works

London Mayoral Strategies HIA (England)

What was the HIA on?

An independent retrospective evaluation of two HIAs carried out on the London Mayoral Strategies and a concurrent evaluation of another two.

How did they evaluate it?

The methodology was used a qualitative approach with interviews with workshop attendees, observation of the HIA workshops and preparation meetings, and use of self-completed questionnaires. Work to track what recommendations the respective strategy development teams will take forward was undertaken.

What did it show?

The HIAs raised the awareness of the social model of health amongst those whose roles were not primarily health related. This resulted in the strategy development teams taking greater account of public health issues when drafting the strategies. HIA played a role in public health considerations becoming embedded within the development of the Mayoral strategies. Most importantly, the HIAs have influenced strategy. The strategy development staff report that they have taken health into account during the drafting stages because they knew it would be subjected to HIA and they have revised the strategy as a result.

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