Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

Evidence that HIA works

Alconbury HIA (England)

What was the HIA on?

An HIA was carried out on the redevelopment of Alconbury airfield. The proposal was to turn the old airport into a large rail and freight distribution centre (no use of the runway was planned).

How did they evaluate it?

An external auditor undertook a concurrent evaluation. The auditor was given full access to all relevant meetings and documents and a good working relationship was developed. Constructive notes were sent from the auditor to the steering group after each meeting, which offered the opportunity for on-going improvements to the process.

What did it show?

The recommendations from the evaluation were very helpful – both during the process and to follow up after the process (Process Evaluation). The Airfield Development has been delayed, and so the impact of the HIA on the decision making process is still awaiting investigation (Impact Evaluation).