Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

An Overview of Health Impact Assessment

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This report reviews HIA as it was practiced at the time (2001) in various settings across the world. It shows that HIA models from Merseyside, British Columbia, Kirklees Metropolitan Council and Swedish County Councils tend to be broad in perspective, i.e. based on a social model of health and using mainly qualitative evidence. Whereas HIA practice in Bielefeld and New Zealand is viewed as being tighter in perspective, meaning that the approach is derived from environmental impact assessment (EIA) and relies more heavily on quantitative data.
Both approaches have much in common, however: a checklist procedure using the perceived determinants of health as markers for changes in health risks; a screening process or rapid appraisal to determine whether a full assessment is required; scoping to determine the range of issues; the identification of vulnerable groups; and the involvement of the local community.

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