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Development of a course addressing health opportunities in water resources development

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This is the final report on the development of a course addressing health opportunities in water resources development.
The initial aim was to create a course which would enable officials from different ministries to collaborate in the implementation and appraisal of the HIA element of a feasibility study on a specific project. The course was designed so that it could be offered in any country without the assistance of expatriate consultants. This initial aim was progressively refined in order to help participants develop intersectoral/inter-professional collaboration skills, so that they may critically appraise prospective projects and submit well-reasoned recommendations to their respective senior colleagues.
Particular emphasis was placed on refining the course materials, to make them user-friendly and more generic. From the aim of eliminating reliance on expatriate consultants emerged the need to develop a range of guides for organizers, tutors and local resource persons.

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